Wear Your Crown: The Song

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You’ve never been on stage or sung a sweet duet.

You’ve never won a medal for your accomplishment.

They say you’re average, like any other teen.

They say you’re ordinary, far from a beauty queen.

But they don’t know, they don’t see.


You’re a princess, kin to royalty.

The King looks at you and smiles at what He sees.

So wear your crown, wear your crown.

You’re a princess.


The King’s spotlight sweeps in time to your sweet song,

And He applauds the treasure that you’ve held all along.

He says you’re beautiful; to Him you’re everything;

He made you lovely, beyond the magazines.

He’ll let you know, and all will see.


And let it shine with the glamour of His love;

The King desires your beauty to stand before the world.

You’re a princess; you’re a princess.

You’re a princess; you’re a princess.


 © 2005 Christa Madrid & Tim Heider

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