What to Do in the Last Days

  You have probably heard the term “Last Days.” It is the time from Jesus’s ascension into heaven to His return to earth. The Last Days started 2,000 years ago, but as we observe our world today, we see that Jesus’s return is growing nearer. We don’t know the exact moment Jesus will return, but … Continue reading What to Do in the Last Days

12 Good Reasons Not to Sin

Sin. You really don’t like to talk about it. It’s not a comfortable topic of discussion and challenges your flesh to give something up. But God finds it necessary to address it because it separates you from Him. It brings destruction to your life—both now and eternally. It’s so serious that the Son of God … Continue reading 12 Good Reasons Not to Sin

Your Presence Is Heaven

When you're in the presence of some people, the atmosphere is often stressed, unhappy, or negative. But when you're in the presence of Jesus, it's only peaceful, loving, and joyful. No negativity can be found in Jesus, for His nature is always perfect and pure. When we choose to stay in His presence, and yield … Continue reading Your Presence Is Heaven

The Heart of a Virgin

We all like the feeling of being chosen. It’s exhilarating to hear our name announced as the winner of a prize, recipient of a great honor, or the chosen for a new job. Even as a child we were excited when we were selected for a sports team, or invited to attend a friend’s birthday … Continue reading The Heart of a Virgin

Holding to My Way

 I have been employed by a variety of places over the years.  From retail to clerical, education to janitorial – all held a unique list of responsibilities. Though retail was my least favorite, everything else was a little more down my alley as it included computers, papers, and files.  An administrator’s dream! One thing each … Continue reading Holding to My Way