Trying Faith?

True faith isn't TRYING to believe and act on God's Word.  TRYING includes doubt that something will work.  We TRY on clothes at a clothing store because we're uncertain that they will fit.  We TRY a new hairdresser to give them chance to prove themselves.  We TRY a new recipe, unsure that it will taste … Continue reading Trying Faith?

Faith and Sonograms

I’m five months pregnant!  So far I have had two sonograms in which little Amaris Christinita was moving around like crazy!  The machine has picked up her tiny fingers and toes, open mouth, and waving hands.  Zooming in, the sonogram tech was able to distinguish the different parts of the brain, kidneys, bladder, and other … Continue reading Faith and Sonograms

You Have the DNA of a Hero! by Lisa Bevere

Not everyone comes from a tightly knit earthly family. But when you became a believer, you became part of a heavenly family. What if I told you that you are now the fulfillment of promises given to other men and women long before you entered this world? Speaking of those who have gone before us, … Continue reading You Have the DNA of a Hero! by Lisa Bevere

The Merry-Go-Round

Motion and I don’t get along very well. I have been known to get nauseous on merry-go-rounds at the park as a child. The world goes round and round . . . and my stomach with it. Unlike some people, the key for me is to always eat well before traveling lest nausea set in … Continue reading The Merry-Go-Round

God’s Panoramic Camera

After a long day at work when my brain’s too fried to think about anything significant, it’s nice to sit down and watch a good movie.  Though a heart-warming, family-oriented chick flick would rank as my favorite, in the right mood, something with some adventure and excitement is appealing.  You know the type.  The climax … Continue reading God’s Panoramic Camera