Faithful Delivery

We see the lack of faithfulness in our culture all the time. A volunteer offers to help with a project but doesn’t show up. A salesman offers a special discount but forgets to tell about the fine print. A politician promises to put something into law but fails to follow through once elected. It’s the … Continue reading Faithful Delivery

Supernatural Strength

Our natural instinct is to consider ourselves as self-sustaining, able to handle every situation that comes our way.  We think we have all the strength we need in and of ourselves.  Unfortunately, believing this makes us a failure because we were never designed to take care of ourselves.  We don’t have what it takes to … Continue reading Supernatural Strength

Second Anniversary!

Two weeks ago, I posted the song "Yes" by John Waller.  It's been one of my favorite for the last ten years or so.  It's a great reminder of what faith in God's unfailing promises will do!  It is especially meaningful to me because it was one of my theme songs when I was believing … Continue reading Second Anniversary!

eBook on Kindle Amazon: “Virtue’s Promise”

One of my short stories, "Virtue's Promise," is now available on Kindle on Amazon! Book Plot: Athalie LeBlanc yearns for a godly husband, but the choices in her tiny French mountain village seems to deny her of the dream's reality. Just as frustrated with the selection of young women around him, the prince of France … Continue reading eBook on Kindle Amazon: “Virtue’s Promise”