Patience Produces the Package

Patience is not a strong attribute of our culture. We have been spoiled into expecting things within minutes through the constant catering of internet, cell phones, and drive-through restaurants. Even a potential mate can be met within minutes online. With so much instant gratification at our fingertips, the Fruit of the Spirit called patience has … Continue reading Patience Produces the Package

More Than Enough for Me

  Several years ago, I was bemoaning the absence of marriage in my life.  It was one of those dreams that seemed to take forever to manifest.  “Haven’t I waited long enough?” my carnal mind demanded. “Everyone” younger than myself was enjoying a relationship, but there I stood, single as can be.  Surely I didn’t … Continue reading More Than Enough for Me

Red Light, Green Light

Ever run a stop sign, dashed through a red light, or been caught speeding down your favorite street?  I have!  Most of the time it was by accident – you know, the brain was off in La La Land, and – oops!  I’m sure I’ve gotten a few ugly looks as I cut someone off … Continue reading Red Light, Green Light