The Spirit of Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Madrids!  My spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior. Luke 1:47 Jesus lives at our house. And it’s His birthday. He is the Spirit of Christmas—Holy is His name. And whether you are thinking of the Baby in the manger, the Child whose parents escaped with Him into Egypt, the Teenager … Continue reading The Spirit of Christmas

A Willing Heart

Everyone tends to think a little bit more about the Christmas account the closer they get to December. However, there is so much to learn from the story any time of the year. The entire story is incredible.  We see angels heralding heavenly messages to men below.  We read of wealthy wise men and their … Continue reading A Willing Heart

Be It Unto Me

Like Mary, we should all boldly say, "Be born in me". . . regardless of whether it makes sense, seems possible to the natural senses, or appears too good to be true. This simple faith in God's will and His Word is what brings about miracles. Thank God for Mary and her commitment, "Let it … Continue reading Be It Unto Me

Be It Unto Me

Mary said "be it unto me according to your word" BEFORE she had a baby bump! She believed before she saw! But what if Mary had said "No way, that's impossible" to the angel's announcement of a supernatural birth? Her lack of faith would have driven God to find someone else who would respond with "be it … Continue reading Be It Unto Me

Mary, Did You Know

If Mary had not believed the words the angel had spoken to her, God would have been forced to move on to a willing vessel.  But God found His girl, and the world was forever changed . . . not by anything Mary did, but through the Seed that grew in her womb.  How many "seeds" … Continue reading Mary, Did You Know