Conforming to Skyscrapers

I once saw a picture of a castle, beautiful and ornate, nestled among city homes and skyscrapers. In contrast to the modern walls of steel, glass, and siding, this castle was the first thing about the picture to grab ones attention. The severe difference in eras caused its stone walls to stand out like the … Continue reading Conforming to Skyscrapers

Red Light, Green Light

Ever run a stop sign, dashed through a red light, or been caught speeding down your favorite street?  I have!  Most of the time it was by accident – you know, the brain was off in La La Land, and – oops!  I’m sure I’ve gotten a few ugly looks as I cut someone off … Continue reading Red Light, Green Light

Stay in the Light

It’s amazing what can happen in the darkness of your own home when you’re least expecting it.  I had just crawled into bed for the night when I suddenly remembered I hadn’t turned down my thermostat.  Being the financially thrifty person that I am, to leave it running at 73 degrees would be near sin.  … Continue reading Stay in the Light