How to Give the Devil a Black Eye

When something negative happens to us, we have two choices.  We can be angry at God for seemingly not coming through for us; or angry at the devil for afflicting us with the issue in the first place.  The devil should be our choice because we know God is our deliverer regardless of our experience. … Continue reading How to Give the Devil a Black Eye

Shake the World – Finding Favor

For all you royal people who plan to shake your world, enjoy the following song and its lyrics! Shake the World Lyrics This is for my sisters that find yourselves confused, From the magazines and movie screens telling you how to be you. Oh, don't you think it's time to just be free? Yeah, and … Continue reading Shake the World – Finding Favor

The Lifestyle of Living Royalty

Our world knows a variety of lifestyles.  Some sport riches like it’s all they live for, while others struggle to pay the bills on the other side of the tracks.  Some are ambitious and hard-working, the opposite of those prone to vegetating in front of a TV all day.  Some are given to a wild … Continue reading The Lifestyle of Living Royalty