The Spirit of Fear by Jack Hayford

In the old King James, 1 John 4:18 reads, "Fear hath torment." Another way I have thought about this throughout the years is that “fear hath torpedoes.” This is because the spirit of fear will take potshots at you and me every chance it gets. And maybe without even realizing it, we begin to duck … Continue reading The Spirit of Fear by Jack Hayford

The Bossy Badge of Authority

  My poor brother suffered from abuse when he was younger . . . at least maybe that’s what he thought it was.  I was the queen of all bossy sisters, making sure my younger brother was always minding his P’s and Q’s.  I was smarter than him, of course, because I was older and … Continue reading The Bossy Badge of Authority

I Cry Jesus

Amarillo, Texas had just been buffeted with a rare ice storm, leaving the streets slippery and glass-like.  Traffic was slow on the smaller, residential streets, but as I got onto the interstate, everyone seemed immune to the recent climate change.  They flew by with regular speed, anxious to get to work on time like I … Continue reading I Cry Jesus