Strength Over Weakness

Throughout the Bible, we read stories of how God used imperfect people. He chose people with stuttering lips, poor self-esteem, sinful backgrounds, and little education to perform extraordinary feats for Him. It was a choice based on His grace, knowing His power was greater than any weakness. But though they did great things for God, … Continue reading Strength Over Weakness

When You’re Squeezed

Very few of us really enjoy housework, or cleaning of any kind, for that matter. The task usually goes to the bottom of our to-do list until we can’t handle the crud in the bathroom sink, or the dining room floor tile looks like a Texas windstorm blew in. Nevertheless, we collect cleaning supplies that … Continue reading When You’re Squeezed

Are You Salty?

My husband Michael likes to make his own air popped popcorn. Because we like to eat healthy, Michael seasons it himself rather than using a store-bought mix. We all enjoy it—except when it comes to the salt. Michael likes his salty, and since we use sea salt, it turns out very salty. After complaining about … Continue reading Are You Salty?

The Great Commission of Living Royalty

I’m not aware of any kings or queens in my heritage, but I do have a knight among my mother’s side of the family.  A very distant relative, Sir Richard Lowther, held Queen Mary of Scotland in custody when she claimed England belonged to Scotland in the 1500’s.  There is currently a castle in England … Continue reading The Great Commission of Living Royalty

Holding to My Way

“The world waits in hopes to see, One little flaw on my identity, Will perfection point them to You, Or will this nature prove You true?”  I have been employed by a variety of places over the years. From retail to clerical, education to janitorial – all have held a unique list of responsibilities. Though … Continue reading Holding to My Way

God’s Wardrobe

I have never enjoyed spending time at the mall. I get cranky wandering around the vast expanse of tile flooring, passing what seems to be a thousand shops shouting that their goods are the best.  I have nothing against people, but shopping and practicing my dodging skills while saying “excuse me” multiple times is not … Continue reading God’s Wardrobe