A Spiritual Buffet

My dad’s side of the family has a tradition of going to an Italian restaurant called Valentino’s. When we all got together for a family reunion or special event, we would often go to this restaurant and enjoy each other’s company—and the food! But this is not your ordinary Italian restaurant. It contains a massive … Continue reading A Spiritual Buffet

Patience Produces the Package

Patience is not a strong attribute of our culture. We have been spoiled into expecting things within minutes through the constant catering of internet, cell phones, and drive-through restaurants. Even a potential mate can be met within minutes online. With so much instant gratification at our fingertips, the Fruit of the Spirit called patience has … Continue reading Patience Produces the Package

You’re Beautiful

To complement my last article, I thought I would share the following song lyrics.  Be blessed! YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL Beauty’s defined in so many ways, Sparkling gems and a pretty face, But what God loves the most is the inward charm Of a quiet and gentle heart. Of a quiet and gentle heart. *** You’re beautiful, … Continue reading You’re Beautiful