The Garment of Praise

We all experience challenges in our lives.  We’ve known sickness, financial lack, broken relationships, disappointments, and even the death of loved ones.  As a result, we have had many opportunities to feel sad, discouraged, and depressed. Like a wet and ratty bathrobe, those feelings and emotions may cling to us, reminding us daily of our … Continue reading The Garment of Praise

Chills and Feels

The following article was recently written by my brother Tim, who is the music director at his church.  A talented musician and songwriter, as well as an experienced praise and worship team member, he has some understanding of what the heart of worship should really look like!  Enjoy! “But the hour is coming, and now … Continue reading Chills and Feels

Love Is a Verb

Love. We all want it and can’t live without it. We seek it, idolize it, and make it our life’s goal. But do we know what we’re really looking for? Is that object we call “love” really what we’re expecting? Love is depicted in many ways in the world. We see movies, novels, and dating … Continue reading Love Is a Verb