A Hero Named Dalo

This photo and article clip was featured in the Voice Of The Martyrs magazine. I wonder, could most ADULT Christians be this spiritually mature when faced with hardship? Someone taught this little boy well...and he listened. “One of our brothers affected by this [Nigerian] attack with 8-year-old was Dalo. Everyone in his family was killed … Continue reading A Hero Named Dalo

They Had Been with Jesus

It has been proven many times over that who we hang around the most is who will influence us the most. If we hang around those who gripe and complain, we will become gripers and complainers right along with them.  If our closest friends are immoral people, then their immortality will rub off on us … Continue reading They Had Been with Jesus

Go Fish

  I wish I could say that every plan and decision I’ve made has been spot-on correct.  However, some endeavors and pursuits haven’t all worked out quite the way I wanted.  Somewhere in my genius scheming of things I thought my way the best, and totally ignored (or didn’t recognize) God’s voice.  Without fail, of … Continue reading Go Fish