The Power of Prayer

As I was gone on vacation, I came across this brief article in my email inbox.  Dr. Caroline Leaf is a Christian neuroscientist that studies the activities of the brain and how it affects the body.  God, of course, has already known what science is finally discovering!  Let's do some praying! "Prayer '..keeps our hearts … Continue reading The Power of Prayer

A Brain Bubble Bath

We live in a world that loves to play with our imaginations. Billboards, magazines, malls, and movies all scream for our attention through bright colors, wild graphics, and catchy titles. Images galore crowd our brains and make us crave more until we have a sensory overload. Though God gave us our senses so we can … Continue reading A Brain Bubble Bath

Wise Guy

An analytical brain is a great thing to have . . . some of the time.  I have one of those, and it has been a great asset to me in many situations.  It’s prompted me to think through decisions rather than jumping at the first good option.  When it comes to researching out possibilities, … Continue reading Wise Guy