Be It Unto Me

Mary said "be it unto me according to your word" BEFORE she had a baby bump! She believed before she saw! But what if Mary had said "No way, that's impossible" to the angel's announcement of a supernatural birth? Her lack of faith would have driven God to find someone else who would respond with "be it … Continue reading Be It Unto Me

Faith and Sonograms

I’m five months pregnant!  So far I have had two sonograms in which little Amaris Christinita was moving around like crazy!  The machine has picked up her tiny fingers and toes, open mouth, and waving hands.  Zooming in, the sonogram tech was able to distinguish the different parts of the brain, kidneys, bladder, and other … Continue reading Faith and Sonograms

A Humble Party

In just about every country, Christmas is recognized in some way. People all over are hanging lights, buying gifts, and singing jolly little songs. Parties and dinners are springing up everywhere, including all kinds of people. If they’ve really got connections, they could be at a different party every week. Social butterflies love this season! … Continue reading A Humble Party