Quality Time

Yesterday in my prayer time, God spoke to my heart, “I love these times with you.” I think sometimes we go through the motions of having a prayer time because it’s necessary for our well-being, and we see it as Christian rule we must keep. But we need to remember that our prayer time is … Continue reading Quality Time

The Beauty of True Worship

Worship is a vital part of every Christian’s life. We are called to honor God in every part of our lives, including in those moments when our attention is on Him—privately and corporately. We may love those moments of being close to our Creator, but do we really understand what true worship is? Biblical worship … Continue reading The Beauty of True Worship

Victory Through the Word

Often we forget that we would not be alive if not for the Word of God. The reason the world exists, and you and I are on the planet, is because God spoke it and us into existence (Genesis 1, 2). By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so … Continue reading Victory Through the Word

My Number One

Many things, people, and events vie for our affections, begging us to make them number one. They want our sole affection and attention. They want us to make them our first priority above everything else we hold dear. They consistently throw us a shower of reasons why we should put them at the top of … Continue reading My Number One