I’ll Find Him with You Song


No ring on my finger, no beau on my arm,

Does the world think I’m crazy for waiting so long?

Just a hint would be nice, to know that I’m wanted,

Are you really saying that You can be trusted?

You say it’s true, if I’m seeking You . . .


I’ll find him with You,

I’ll find him while on my knees,

I’ll find him with You,

Your presence is all I need,

This love I desire just could not compare,

I’ll find him with You.


Not wishful thinking, or some pleasant dream,

But a promise You’ll keep, ‘cause it’s virtue I seek,

You say I’m Yours always; You define who I am,

In a world of facades, true love’s in Your plan.

You say it’s true, ‘cause I’m seeking You . . .


Long, long ago you gave me Your best,

With this proven love, what more could I ask.

I know it’s true, when I’m seeking You . . .


He’ll find me with You,

He’ll find me while down on his knees,

He’ll find me with You,

Your presence is all he needs,

This love he desires just could not compare,

He’ll find me with You.


© 2006 Lyrics and Music Christa A. Madrid