Blog Changes

Hello, readers!  I hope you are doing well as you prepare for Christmas! I am preparing to launch my first full-length, non-fiction book, I'll Find Him with You, in March!  It's very exciting, but in the process, it's going to require some tweaking of my social media.  This means that you will probably see some … Continue reading Blog Changes

The Spirit of Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Madrids!  My spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior. Luke 1:47 Jesus lives at our house. And it’s His birthday. He is the Spirit of Christmas—Holy is His name. And whether you are thinking of the Baby in the manger, the Child whose parents escaped with Him into Egypt, the Teenager … Continue reading The Spirit of Christmas

A Trimphant New Year!

Many people will be making noise at midnight tonight, but Christians have the greatest reason to shout. More than a year change, we have been made triumphant through redemption, made God's children, and given an inheritance that no one on earth can take away. Let's make our noise the loudest - every day of the … Continue reading A Trimphant New Year!