New Book Launch!!

I'm so excited to announce the launch of my newest book, Your ID: Discovering Your Value and Identity through Your Creator! It was inspired by a new and dear friend--just in time for school to start! Trust me, you and your kids need this book! Have people and life’s experiences caused you to question who … Continue reading New Book Launch!!

A God with Benefits

We all like benefits. Especially when looking for a job, we look for those perks that will make it worth our time coming to work. Vacation days, retirement, holidays, sick leave, and insurance entice us—even if it means working extra hours. God knows we need benefits in life. He understood that need so well that … Continue reading A God with Benefits

New Book Release!

I'm pleased to announce the release of my latest book, You Stand: Standing Strong in Life's Battles! Need hope as you struggle though life’s problems? Looking for something to keep your head above water? What if you weren’t alone in the chaos and trauma of broken relationships, health problems, and financial crisis? Using personal experience … Continue reading New Book Release!

A Mask of Angel Wings

There are all kinds of masks. Costume masks. Robber’s masks. Construction masks. Medical masks. The list goes on. In this season, we are especially aware of masks meant to keep out viruses. There’s been controversy about their effectiveness; but one mask is, without a doubt, impenetrable and always effective. What is that mask? Angels wings. … Continue reading A Mask of Angel Wings