Doors. We all have them. In fact, most of us have many doors. Our homes have closet doors, bedroom doors, bathroom doors, and front doors. Our garages have giant doors, and our sheds have small doors. Some doors are painted brightly, while others blend in with the white door jams. Some have triangular windows, and … Continue reading Doors

A Glorious Image of Beauty

No matter what this world thinks, God is the author of beauty. From the beginning of the world, beauty was flawless and intact the way God designed it. The Garden of Eden was the monument of glorious beauty: majestic, towering trees with lush branches of leaves; lush, blooming flowers of every size and color; sparkling … Continue reading A Glorious Image of Beauty

Conforming to Skyscrapers

I once saw a picture of a castle, beautiful and ornate, nestled among city homes and skyscrapers. In contrast to the modern walls of steel, glass, and siding, this castle was the first thing about the picture to grab ones attention. The severe difference in eras caused its stone walls to stand out like the … Continue reading Conforming to Skyscrapers

You’re a Princess Song

Today's post is a song I am dedicating to my female readers - no matter what your age.  As you may have noticed, I am a big fan of the royalty theme!  According to God's Word, that is who we are as part of the King's family.  Regardless of where we come from or what … Continue reading You’re a Princess Song

You’re Beautiful

To complement my last article, I thought I would share the following song lyrics.  Be blessed! YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL Beauty’s defined in so many ways, Sparkling gems and a pretty face, But what God loves the most is the inward charm Of a quiet and gentle heart. Of a quiet and gentle heart. *** You’re beautiful, … Continue reading You’re Beautiful