For Such a Time

Some of the most noted women in the Bible made the biggest impact because they lived as if they were "not their own." They sacrificed their reputations and lives to see God's will performed through them. Queen Esther risked the king's knowledge of her nationality and went before him without permission though it could cost … Continue reading For Such a Time

How You Look Isn’t What Matters by Lisa Bevere

I have recently signed up to receive Lisa Bevere's blog postings. (For a detailed description of her and her husband's ministry, visit the "Recommended Ministers" page above.)  The first one I received is one of my favorite topics.  I wanted to share it with you.  Enjoy! "Do you know that how you see is far … Continue reading How You Look Isn’t What Matters by Lisa Bevere

How to Overcome Self-Consciousness

Now begins the crazy schedule leading into June!  Writing my normal blog once a week is going to be a little more challenging with a week of our church's SuperKids Camp, family vacation, and appointments filling the weeks.   So I've decided to share an article on one of my favorite subjects.  It's written by … Continue reading How to Overcome Self-Consciousness

Beauty Pages

Hello, ladies!  I am excited to announce an ongoing project that I finally completed!  This is a subject near and dear to my heart as it is so abused in our culture.  I have created several pages under the "Royal Beauty" tab above that addresses Godly, internal beauty versus worldy, external beauty.  It's one of the … Continue reading Beauty Pages