Pregnancy and Child Training Resources

The following are CDs, books, and ministries that have blessed my baby and me!  Hope they inspire you like they did us!



Preborn Prodigy’s array of high-quality albums provide restful music and scriptural blessings for every stage of life – beginning in the womb! Right from the start, the powerful peace found in God’s Word will find its home in your child’s heart.

devil proof 2

In Devil-Proof Your Family authors Ken and Trudi Blount explain what the Bible says about how to keep the devil out of your home. This book outlines specific Bible-based strategies that will empower you to:
  •  Develop the mindset of a warrior parent/spouse
  •  Safeguard your home from cultural anarchy
  •  Position your marriage for blessing and build unity with your spouse



Distinguished pediatrician Dr Robert Bucknam, M.D. and co-author Gary Ezzo are two of the world’s leading experts on infant management concepts. In this revised 5th edition, they have updated their groundbreaking approach which has found favor with over six million parents in all 50 states and has been translated into 16 languages around the world.


sueprnatural childbirth

Supernatural Childbirth is a practical and realistic look at God’s promises for conception, pregnancy and delivery.  You will learn these things: * How to put faith principles into action for your very own supernatural childbirth * How you can be a living example of God’s promises in action * How to deal with fear during pregnancy and delivery * How and when to use your faith for pregnancy and delivery Also included in Supernatural Childbirth: * Faith-inspiring testimonies from women who have followed these principles and experienced their own supernatural childbirth * Confessions and prayers for a supernatural conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and all circumstances surrounding each stage * A powerful teaching section by Terry Mize explaining the curse on Eve in the Garden of Eden.



This music CD features soothing Word filled songs that help create a nurturing nursery environment for a baby’s spirit and mind. These calming lullabies are designed to be a soundtrack for a peaceful baby routine at home, in the car or in the church nursery.