Quality Time

Yesterday in my prayer time, God spoke to my heart, “I love these times with you.”

I think sometimes we go through the motions of having a prayer time because it’s necessary for our well-being, and we see it as Christian rule we must keep. But we need to remember that our prayer time is also ministry to the Lord. One of His love languages is quality time! When we come into His presence and worship, and are quiet enough to listen, it ministers to Him. It shows him that we love Him and count that time as valuable.
We need to remember that though we can’t see Him physically, He is an actual person. He is there with us, listening to us and ministering to us in return. The quality time He gives to us is far greater than the quality time we could ever give to Him. But He gives it freely because He loves us.
We probably won’t know until we get to heaven how often He gave us His quality time. It all started when He created us, sent Jesus to the cross for us, and was there for us when we weren’t even paying attention.  Without a doubt, He is worthy of our quality time with Him!

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