New Book Launch!!

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my newest book, Your ID: Discovering Your Value and Identity through Your Creator! It was inspired by a new and dear friend–just in time for school to start! Trust me, you and your kids need this book!

Have people and life’s experiences caused you to question who you are, leaving you stuck on an unending quest to “find yourself”? Do you doubt your value when comparing yourself to those who appear to have it all together? Has the culture left you overwhelmed with unattainable standards of worth?

You are not alone. Thousands struggle to find their identity and value while living in a culture that says they’re not enough. But in a world of unrealistic demands and ever-changing standards, you can know and believe your Creator’s truth above all the lies.

In Your ID, you will discover how to:

  • accept the love of your Creator
  • appreciate the person you were created to be
  • overcome shame and a sense of inferiority
  • recover from other’s hurtful words and actions
You were designed for a purpose with an identity no one else can equal. When you discover and believe this, you will develop confidence in your unmatched worth given by an unrivaled Creator!

Your ID is available on Amazon in Kindle and softcover. I encourage you to order it here today!

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