I Will Run – MS Healing Testimony

The following healing testimony is by Karen Delgado. She is twenty-four-years-old and lives in Caye Caulker, Belize with her family. Her father pastors their local church, and she serves the body of Christ there in many ways. May this testimony inspire you to believe in a healing God for your own miracle!

In June of 2021, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a sickness that they say has no cure. I was to live with this my entire life. The day the doctors started explaining it to my mom, it’s as if I went into shock. I didn’t flinch or anything. After the doctor finished saying what he had to say, my mom went outside, made a phone call, and started crying. When I heard her, it was the most horrible thing ever. I didn’t know how to comfort her because I was the reason for all those tears and pain she was enduring. The doctor said the word “paralyzation” and that I needed to be rushed out in a helicopter. That’s when I snapped, and the realization of it all rushed on me at once.

The days passed and doctors added more information. They said that having kids in the future shouldn’t be in my plans, and that there was the possibility of going blind. They advised us to start thinking about moving to another country where treatment was available because it wasn’t available in Belize. All this was too much for me. The word “incurable” cut me deep. I cried over it. But though the pain was deep, I thank God for placing the perfect man of faith in my path, my father. This man gave my mom and I encouragement daily, which I needed because I was hurting and had started to become negative.

We had to leave the hospital and come back home because the bill was growing by $1000 a day. I came home and trapped myself in my room for months. I would be so mad and negative toward anyone who would come to my house to visit because I did not want to speak about what was happening. Not being able to go to the bathroom, walk, or even ride my bike to the store alone was already a reminder of what my life had become. Everything I loved was brutally taken away from me. Having to wear a brace on my knees while everyone stared at me was difficult; but what hurt me the most was not being able to run. Once I passed by the football field in a taxi. When I arrived home, I went straight to my room to cry because it hurt so much that I could not do what I really loved. Yes, running is an exercise but for me it’s an escape. If I feel mad, I just run and talk to God. If I’m happy, excited, or just want to celebrate, I will run. Running is just a big part of me. So imagine what it felt like not being able to do it at all, having it cut it out of my everyday life. Everything I once did so freely now became a big deal because I now depended on everyone. I felt mad because my life seemed over.

Finally one day my dad made me start watching videos called “Healing Is Here” by Andrew Wommack. The first video I saw was of a man who received a miracle and was completely healed of Multiple Sclerosis ten years after he was diagnosed. It was a bittersweet moment for me. I thought to myself, “Wow, he got healed but after ten whole years.” I cried and cried because I wanted my healing, but I didn’t want to wait so long. I cried and told my dad that it wasn’t fair. He looked at me and said, “Kar, this testimony isn’t yours. That is his testimony, and you will have your own.”

I spent the rest of my days watching conferences of Andrew Wommack before finally coming across one that touched me deeply. This video was from Cindy Mezas on how she beat cancer. It was a glorious testimony. That same night I cried and told God that I was ready for my healing. I started to change my attitude. I even created this board in my room that read “I AM HEALED.” Even now, that board remains in my room. It’s a reminder that I am healed, and I will forever be thankful. I learned to trust in Him for He alone decides when every page will turn, and I trusted His timing.

My family and I decided to wake up every morning at two and thank God by faith that I was healed. From that day on I started to pray differently. I started to speak differently and became attached to worship music. Maverick City, Bethel, Upper Room, and Elevation Worship became like spiritual medicine to me. I would play their music for hours until I fell asleep. I felt safe whenever I would listen to their music. It uplifted my spirit.

I also started to place different Bible verses on my wall. One Bible verse that speaks to me, and that I strongly believe, is Isaiah 41:10. As a child I always heard in church about the times God healed and He brought people back to life. I told myself that if He could do it back then, He could and would perform it in my life. It wouldn’t just be something that I grew up hearing about in the Bible; it would also be my experience.

My entire life flipped after my mentality changed. I started to say that I would be healed. Some people looked at me puzzled and would say that it was okay to live with it because many people live with it. I don’t know if I sounded crazy to them, but I didn’t accept that diagnosis for my life. I didn’t believe that I would live with that. As Pastor Frank Gordoa says, “Don’t let someone else’s fears stop your faith.” Yes, sometimes I would get shook up because of the pain but I never doubted that God would perform His miracle in my life. I started putting verses in my room and dedicated my mornings to God. I made Him my priority and best friend. I started speaking to the diagnosis and telling it that it didn’t belong in my body because I was perfectly made by God. Even if I would cry in pain, I would repeat this over and over. I can’t tell you how hard that was, yet it was powerful in the spiritual realm.

At the same time, I was bombarded with steroids that messed me up mentally and physically. It made me gain a lot of weight, and my face was unrecognizable because of swelling and acne. It was a horrible experience, something that made me cry whenever I would look at myself in the mirror. It deteriorated my self-esteem. My dad, mom, sister, and my girls would still tell me how beautiful I was. I knew it wasn’t true because I could clearly see it in the mirror how unrecognizable I was. But they never made me feel different and always gave me positive feedback. In times like these, God really showed me who were the ones who truly loved me. This is where I was broken the most. Life changed and I lost love, loved ones, and friendships. In a blink of an eye, pieces were lost that I never imagined would be gone. However, new love and better friends came along who were filled with the best intentions for me. A stronger me was born as a result.

As the months went by, I became more and more swollen. Finally, one day I spoke to God and told Him I was quitting the medications and I would be putting my entire trust in Him. I went by an entire week without telling anyone that I had quit the medications. After the second week I decided to tell my parents. It was the best decision that I have ever made in my entire life. After I quit those steroids/medications, the swelling started to fade slowly but surely. What I still struggled with was the acne that covered my entire face. I would cry because I couldn’t even take a picture because my face looked so horrible. I would cry this to my father almost daily until he told me, “Kar, this is temporary. Yes, the scars are on your entire face, but it will eventually leave. This is only to show that you’ve overcome the worst part.” My friend Levi also told me: “Kar, these scars are your battle scars.” The scars are to prove the battle I went through.

Once I saw a video that said, “I challenge you to step in front of a mirror and tell yourself you love her and that she is beautiful.” I remember that day vividly. I cried because I couldn’t look in the mirror with that confidence and tell myself that I was beautiful. I felt horrible because of how bad the steroids had messed me up. That is no more! I can watch myself and admire this new Kar. A Kar who has transformed into the best person ever, filled with love, courage, and bravery. Something that wasn’t there and now is. Now I stand in front of the mirror and love this strong woman staring back at me. I needed this to take place in my life. God came and rescued me from hurt and the loss of people I intended to keep in my life. God takes the broken things and raises them to glory, and He has crowned me with confidence!

In November of 2021, I made a trip to Texas to see a doctor. He told me I should be able to run. That very evening I went for a walk with my dad and tried to run. However, I couldn’t run. I went into the bathroom and cried. I called my sister and told her I felt hurt and defeated. She said, “Kar you need to start slow. It’s not that you can’t, because you can. You just need to start slow.” Honestly, I did not want to start small. I just wanted to run and take off as fast as I could like the way I could on the football field. But as the days went by, I would try to jog or run slowly. Whenever my friend Marcus or my dad would walk and leave me behind because I was walking slowly, I would try to run and catch up with them. However, every time I ran it hurt and the symptoms would show up exactly like the first time when I first noticed I was not okay. I cried to God, “I know I am healed; however, the one thing I’m dying and craving for is not happening.”

It was horrible not being able to run. Again I stepped out in faith and decided to tell my dad I wanted to buy tennis shoes so I could run with them when I got back home. That very night Marcus took us to a store where he bought me the tennis shoes. As the days went by, I went shopping for leggings for running. I wasn’t even able to run when I was buying them. When I came back to Caye Caulker, Belize I just stepped into faith and declared, “I will go running and on November 20, 2021.” Like I said I would, I went running on that date. I ran and ran like I never stopped running. It was the most glorious and blessed day ever. I also I went swimming and rode my bike again after 5 months of not being able to do it. I did it with no trouble or pain.

These are moments that are marked in my life forever, dates that I will forever remember. I prayed day and night for this, and I know God heard me the first time. But He wanted me to really want my healing. My faith wouldn’t be this strong if I didn’t go through what I went through. I can now say that I am completely HEALED. The doctors were wrong saying I couldn’t be cured. Well, I completely am. Within five months—not ten years—I got my miracle. This is my testimony. I can run, swim, and ride my bike again. Now I am back and getting stronger daily with the help of God.

God chose me especially to be a part of His team, a team that never fails. He chose someone like me to carry His victory. The God I serve knows only how to triumph. I feel so blessed to be a part of this winning team. It’s a privilege and honor to work for His kingdom. Hallelujah! Without Him I would not be here. I got a second chance to live.

God is a healer! God works miracles and wonders. He is in the healing business, and He will forever be. I’m healed and my name is registered in heaven. God is all-powerful, I am forever grateful for all that He did and will continue to do with my life. I am His. I am the daughter of the king!

We as God’s children can rest in assurance that He will never abandon us. Even when we are not aware, the Lord is always moving on our behalf. He is a good Father that will always hold us through both the triumphs and the trails.

Titled and edited by Christa Madrid

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