Fight Fearless 2

Live Fearless

You can choose fear like the Israeli army, or you can choose faith like Jesus, David, Peter and others in Hebrews 11. Again, it has nothing to do with feelings. You can choose to act on the faith in your heart while feelings of fear still linger. It’s the action, not the feelings, that count.

Live a life of victory

David lived a life of victory before he met Goliath. He practiced fearlessness when he killed the lion and bear. But he also lived a life of obedience to his father, was faithful steward with his shepherd assignment, and spent time building his relationship with God through worship. This kept the favor of God upon his life and prepared him for even bigger responsibilities. By following David’s example, you can live the life of a victor, no matter how big or small the challenge or responsibility is.

Be confident

David remembered clearly how God’s power had been faithful to him when he was confronted with a lion and bear. God does not change (Malachi 3:6). If He moved of your behalf before, He will do it again.

Stand up for God

While the Israeli army cowered when their God and His people were slandered and mocked, David stood for the God He served. He didn’t just expect God to come down and destroy the Philistines with fire. No, David acted and allowed God to honor Him and use him for His glory. God will always honor you when you honor Him (1 Samuel 2:30).

Become familiar with God’s Word

David wouldn’t wear King Saul’s armor because he was unfamiliar with it. He was familiar with what had given him the victory before—a stone and a sling. Your greatest familiarity should be with the Word of God because it never fails or changes. When you follow his example, when “giants” come, you don’t have to spend precious time digging into its pages for a solution. You are far more down the road to seeing your victory if you weapon is already warmed up, comfortable, and hanging from your hip.

Don’t be intimidated

As I mentioned before, Goliath’s stature, armor, and weapons were intimidating. But David didn’t consider them when choosing to fight. He rushed forward, knowing the size of His God was more than enough. If you focus only on the greatness of your weapon and the God behind it, you won’t tremble at the sight of your problem.

Speaks what you believe

David let Goliath know exactly what the outcome of the fight was going to be—death for Goliath and victory for Israel. He wasn’t afraid to tell his opponent. It wasn’t out of arrogance, but true confidence that his trust in God was going to pay off. You can do the same by declaring God’s perfect promise over your life, not just out of routine, but out of faith from your heart because you know it’s true.

Resisting fear may be challenging. The presence of your problem will try to tell you that you won’t win. Like Goliath, the devil will try to belittle who you are and recount your demise. Like David’s brothers, others may criticize you for your confidence. You may even be tempted to deal with your fear by relying on natural means. But if you stand your ground, unmoving in your faith, you will see your giant topple. And you can expect not only victory, but a great reward.




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