Get Your Copy of “I’ll Find Him with You”!

I'll Find Him with You - 3D

Just a reminder that my book, I’ll Find Him with You, is available on Amazon!

You can purchase the softcover for $13.99 and the Kindle book for $3.49 on Amazon. Get your copy here!

You will get:

  • 200 pages of insight and encouragement
  • Song lyric written by yours truly
  • Verses and prayers to help your journey
  • My marriage testimony

You will learn how to:

  • put God’s dream first
  • surrender your desire for romance to Jesus
  • understand what true love is
  • attract and choose the right man
  • set your standards for romantic relationships
  • love the an before you meet him

If you purchase this book, enjoy it, or have a testimony on how it has helped you or someone else, I would love to hear from you!  I would also appreciate it if you could post a review of the book on Amazon. Reviews are invaluable to any writer!

Bless you!

Christa Madrid


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