A Hero Named Dalo


This photo and article clip was featured in the Voice Of The Martyrs magazine. I wonder, could most ADULT Christians be this spiritually mature when faced with hardship? Someone taught this little boy well…and he listened.

“One of our brothers affected by this [Nigerian] attack with 8-year-old was Dalo. Everyone in his family was killed in the attack, and Dalo suffered 2nd degree burns over most of his body. When VOM staff went to the hospital to encourage the wounded and help provide for their care, Dalo’s nurse told them that he had arrived at the hospital praying, and he has continued to pray. Dalo is praying that God will heal him, and he’s praying for others injured in the attacks as well. Dalo is also asking God to forgive his attackers.”

For more on Voice of the Martyrs, go to http://www.persecution.com.

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