That Good Part

Right now, my daughter takes lengthy naps – up to 2 1/2 hours! (I realize that won’t last forever!) I’ve found myself taking advantage of those naps by working around the house and writing my blog articles and books. How else am I supposed to get it all done? Recently, though, God has challenged me to give a portion of Amaris’ morning nap to Him by praying and reading His Word, regardless of the to-do list. He knows very well that my strength and peace come from Him. “Getting it all done” is second priority. So maybe I don’t get the house dusted and the laundry put away when I think I should! But I can say that I got the most important thing done – spending time in His presence, even if it’s just a few minutes! That’s the “good part”! When I don’t ignore the good part, God’s grace kicks in and helps get it all done! He reminded me of this article I wrote a few years ago, and I thought I’d share it! Be blessed as you make Him #1! He is, after all, the reason we’re blessed with children in the first place!

Christa Madrid


In our culture, “resting” is not a common word in our vocabulary. Oh, we may take off a week or two for a vacation to the mountains or a trip to the lake, but once we get home its back to the crazy cycle of busy, busy, busy. So busy, in fact, that we fall across our beds exhausted, snap at other people because we’re stressed, and pop far too many aspirins for far too many headaches. When something pleasant like a family night or a birthday party arrives, we still have difficulty winding down and enjoying ourselves. According to our personal, self-published manual on life, everything has to be in order, nothing left undone for any event. Never mind that our lives are technically easier than ever with cars to take us places, dishwashers to clean our glasses, and phones to save us a walk down the street. No…

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