True Faith


A thought for the day!

True faith isn’t TRYING to believe and act on God’s Word. TRYING includes doubt that something will work. We TRY on clothes at a clothing store because we’re uncertain that they will fit. We TRY a new hairdresser to give them chance to prove themselves. We TRY a new recipe, unsure that it will taste good. FAITH, however, is CONFIDENT that what God says He will do! No doubt or uncertainty is involved because we know the nature of God is faithful, and all His promises are a resounding “yes and amen”(2 Corinthians 1:20)!

5 thoughts on “True Faith

    1. Praise God! Hopefully this is not a downer to you, but in light of the baby topic…I’m pregnant! We actually were not planning to have kids. I believe God took advantage of our “sloppiness” and decided to bless us. (= So if God is able and willing to give us a child when we weren’t even trying or desiring one, then He isn’t short-handed to give a child to someone who has their faith extended for one! I think of Mary, mother of Jesus in the Bible. She was just going about her daily duties of being a devout woman of God, and God surprised her. It reminds me of how, as we seek first the Kingdom of God, then “all these things” will be added. They come and “overtake us.” He loves it when we put Him first! I’m standing with you in your faith journey!! Standing in faith for a child is new to a lot of people, but your message needs to be heard! We’ve been redeemed from the curse of the law! Blessings! (=

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