Significant Is Who We Are


I pray with thousands of other Christians each day with evangelist Dale Gentry via email.  This is what he sent out today, and I wanted to share it with you.  I love it!  It’s so easy in our culture to think we need be something else besides what God created us to be.  So many options are out there, but is it really meant for us?  God alone knows as He is the One who gave us our DNA in the first place!  If we try to follow someone else’s ideal, we will never be fulfilled.  But if we follow God’s amazing life course planned just for us, it’s not only fulfilling, but rewarding!

“Dear Father God, we pray for those who feel awkward going through life, not having discovered their gifts, talents and abilities….always expending their energies on something that is not really a fit for them….competing in an arena they are not familiar with….swinging for the green with a golf club when they should really be shooting baskets beyond the three point line….trying to harmonize with a quartet when they should actually be playing drums. Help us, Lord, today to find our place in life, those things that make us tick…our passion.  Not trying to be a public speaker when we actually should be a writer. Not attempting to be the pastor when our true gift is to be the administrator.  Not being willing to play second fiddle when we really have the gift to play first chair tuba  We pray for these individuals today who continually move from one location in life to another simply because they have never discovered what makes them tick.  Or they are trying to live out someone else’s dream for them, busting a gut to please another person who never made the grade themselves.  Lord, help us not to always be bending over backwards to accomplish an agenda that was never in our DNA to begin with, all the while ignoring the very thing or things that make us tick…the passion deep inside of us, who we really are, understanding that the success is what we do but significant is who we really are.”

Have a blessed day seeking God to find who you really are!  You are amazing in Him!

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