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Hello, ladies!  I am excited to announce an ongoing project that I finally completed!  This is a subject near and dear to my heart as it is so abused in our culture.  I have created several pages under the “Royal Beauty” tab above that addresses Godly, internal beauty versus worldy, external beauty.  It’s one of the lies and insecurities the devil tries to use in order to hinder us from becoming what God always intended for us to become.  It’s time to throw off some flawed thinking, and begin to think like Jesus!  You’re beautiful because God says so!

Here is an overview of the pages.  Please take a look!

The Beauty Lie – I review fashion and beauty trends over the centuries, including historical facts and enlightening videos.

Beauty Music – This page includes inspiring music videos that address what true beauty really means.  Some of my faves!

The Image of Beauty – I discuss God’s point of view on beauty, and why any other opinion is so flawed.

You’re Beautiful Song – These are song lyrics by yours truly, originally written as a wedding present to my roommate and best friend, Lara Hill!

The Beauty Detox – We all get bogged down by our culture and need our mind renewed.  This page lists some practical steps to overcoming the negative thoughts and lies that have caused frustrations for so long.

Beauty from the Inside Out – We may feel confident in our personal, unique outward beauty, but what characterizes God’s definition?  Find out on this page!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and if it has helped you in any way!

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