While I’m Waiting

Theres’s a number of things we can do while we’re waiting on our “package” (see previous article) to show up on our door step.  We can sit back and relax, doing nothing to keep ourselves focused on the promise.  We can allow doubt to creep in because we’ve spent so little time with the Keeper of the promise.  We can flex our muscles and work to make it happen in our own strength.  We can let the cares of life, offense, and wordly weights snuff out our faith.  We can complain and pout when we don’t see the answer as soon as we would like.  Or . . . we can trust in God completely, keep our focus on God, and act as if the “package” has already arrived!  It’s a bold tenacity God is looking for, one that will move ahead with confidence in the One who promised the “package” is on it’s way!  Whatever we’re believing for (healing, relationship repair, financial provision, physical things), all the power of heaven is available to see it happen . . . as we’re happy, and patient, while we wait!

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