At Your Feet


A little blast from the past . . . a little song I wrote ten years ago that fits with this week’s theme.  There’s no question about it; staying at His feet will keep you on yours!

At Your Feet

You ask me how I’m doin’, and I tell you I’m OK,

But the truth is, Lord, and You know it well.

I gotta be with You.


There’s no question at all; I have found the best.

It’s Your presence I’ve found that keeps me on my feet.

There’s no worry at all; I have found the rest.

It’s Your presence I choose; right here at Your feet.


Lemme tell you how I’m doin’; I’m getting’ stronger every day,

And the truth is now, and you gotta see,

The Greater One’s in me.

(c) 2005 Music & Lyrics by Christa A. Madrid


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