Website Updates

  Hello, Readers! You may have noticed a few changes to my site! I am in the process of merging my author's website ( and blog ( to make it easier for people to find me. The content to this site will not change other than some updates and improvements. Right now you can enter … Continue reading Website Updates

Strength Over Weakness

Throughout the Bible, we read stories of how God used imperfect people. He chose people with stuttering lips, poor self-esteem, sinful backgrounds, and little education to perform extraordinary feats for Him. It was a choice based on His grace, knowing His power was greater than any weakness. But though they did great things for God, … Continue reading Strength Over Weakness

Rest in the Grace

Our lifestyle is to work for what we want and need. We work forty hours a week to get a paycheck. We physically work hard on the playing field to join a sports team. We work our intellect in the classroom to earn our degrees. While work is godly, we can get programmed into believing … Continue reading Rest in the Grace

Faithful and Just

We have all sinned. Every one of us is guilty of breaking God’s laws—more than once (Romans 3:23). It all started in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve committed the first sin of disobedience (Genesis 3:1-6; Romans 5:12). Sin entered the world and from then on everyone was born with a sinful nature. … Continue reading Faithful and Just

An Appointment with the Great Physician

Doctors are a blessing and are used by God to help people. Their skill saves lives, delivers babies, and stabilizes bodies. Many of us wouldn't be around if not for them! But as helpful as they are, doctors aren't perfect. They're limited in skill and knowledge because they're human. They may not choose to acknowledge … Continue reading An Appointment with the Great Physician

We’re Family

Through the centuries, the Body of Christ has not always gotten along. We know this is true because correction for the church’s poor relational behavior began in the book of Acts and continued through the book of Revelation. We Christians, though saved through the blood of Jesus, need to know how to relate. If left … Continue reading We’re Family